• The Ultimate Buffing Cloth ( Blue )

    The Ultimate Buffing Cloth ( Blue )

    • Brand: Jitonrad
    • ASIN: B00K7A6IEA
    • UPC: 885554236286

  • Dermalogica by Dermalogica The Ultimate Buffing Cloth--12 x 36 inches (Package of 2 )

    The Ultimate Buffing Cloth--12 x 36 inches (2 of these items will be shipped together in the same box. Very fast shipping and great to stock up on your favorite scent.)

    • Brand: Dermalogica
    • ASIN: B00GBEP92S
    • UPC: 701000933373

  • Dermalogica Limited Edition Body Buffing Set

    Travel Size products of Conditioning Body Wash 2.5 oz and Body Hydrating Cream 2.5 oz with the Ultimate Buffing Cloth

    • Brand: Dermalogica
    • UPC: 811611023186

  • Dermalogica the Ultimate Buffing Cloth

    Dermalogica The Ultimate Buffing Cloth is inspired by a time-honored tradition of Japanese spas. This quick-drying, hygienic exfoliating cloth smoothes rough skin for a silky smooth texture. It improves the penetration of subsequent treatment products, resulting in enhanced benefits. Ideal for use over the entire body, especially hard-to-reach areas.

    • Brand: Dermalogica
    • ASIN: B002Z7ITO0
    • UPC: 885912705751

  • Cape Cod Polish for High Polish Stainless Steel, Gold Watches & Horosafe Buffing Cloth

    1 Foil pack of Cape Cod Polish Cloths1 Grey Horosafe (12x12) Preferred by jewelers and avid watch collectors as the safest and most effective way to restore a high polish finish to fine watches. Eliminate fine scratches, microswirls, and scuffs while producing the ultimate mirror finish Includes 1 Foil pack of Cape Cod Polish Cloths (2 reusable cloths) Complete Instructions Cape Cod cloths are perfectly safe for ALL Watch Metal surfaces (case, bezel, and band). We have tested this product extensively on watches and the results are incredible. Special Note on White Gold: We don't recommend using Cape Cods on white gold watches as any polishing of a white gold surface could eventually result in the removal of the rhodium layer and produce slight color changes. Using Cape Cods on satin finish surfaces will eventually make the satin finish a high polish finish.

    • Brand: Watch Details
    • ASIN: B015AR4DM8
    • UPC: 683422322730

  • Deep Scratch Removal Kit for High Polish Finish Watches with White Rouge, Muslin Buffs and Cape Cod Cloths

    Works with your Dremel or Roto tool to make scratch removal easy and safe on HIGH POLSH metals. Restore your watch to perfect condition with little effort and in just a few minutes. Very Effective for scratches in high polish stainless steel, yellow and rose gold, and platinum Save aggravation and money... refinish your watch to NEW condition yourself. This is one of our favorite products! It makes deeper scratches and scuffs easy to remove. Even first time users will experience professional results easily. The size of the buffs supplied allows for the precise polishing of all case and band surfaces. This eliminates the rounded edges that often occur when your watch is sent to the factory for a professional refinishing. If you are a watch aficianado who likes perfection, you'll find yourself wearing your favorite pieces much more often and enjoying them more when you know that, should the inevitable scratch or scuff appear, you'll be able to deal with it instantly and restore your watch to NEW condition. Detailed instructions are included. Special Note on White Gold: It's fantastic for stainless steel, yellow and rose gold, and platinum! This kit will create a high polish finish free of scratches, scrapes, and scuffs. If the area you are refinishing is brushed or satin fi...

    • Brand: Watch Details
    • ASIN: B015BCEEDA
    • UPC: 683422322808

  • DRI Automotive Super Shine KTL Microfiber Waxing and Buffing Cloths (Green-3 pack)

    DRI Automotive Super Shine KTL Microfiber Waxing and Buffing Cloths is the ultimate tool for keeping your car like new. It produces show car perfect results on paint, glass, plastic and chrome. Plush microfiber absorbs seven times more than traditional towels providing faster wipe off with less strokes. The DRI Automotive Super Shine KTL Microfiber Waxing and Buffing Cloths is the fastest and easiest way to remove polishes, waxes and spray detailers.

    • Color: Green
    • Brand: DRI
    • ASIN: B00I486MZ2
    • UPC: 799632012849

  • 303 Products 16x16 Ultra Plush Microfiber Towel All Purpose Cleaning Kit, Fabric Guard

    303 Products 16x16 Ultra Plush Microfiber Towel All Purpose Cleaning Kit, Fabric Guard

    • Brand: 303 Products
    • ASIN: B01LYZF3K3

  • DIAMOND FINISH The Protector Spray Kit 80oz Waterless All-in-One Cleaner & Polish Motorcycle Cleaner Car Cleaner - Removes Bugs, Brake Dust, Tree Sap, Grease, Road Tar, Bird Dropping While it Shines

    Diamond Finish is the ultimate multi-surface cleaner, polish and protector. Diamond Finish is easy to use and effective at removing surface contaminants like dust, dirt, bugs, fingerprints, road tar, grease, bird droppings, tree sap and water spots, while leaving behind a finish that seals and protects surfaces from future contaminants. Containing no ammonia, wax, harsh chemicals or abrasives, Diamond Finish is safe on any nonporous surface such as motorcycle & automotive paints (including flat paint), glass, chrome, wheels, mirrors, plastic, Lexan and leather. Whether used in the home, office or garage, Diamond Finish does it all.

    • ASIN: B076HWSPB5

  • Rolite Premium Protectant (8oz) with Maximum UV Protection for Interior & Exterior Vinyl, Plastic, Rubber, Dashboards for Automotive, Marine, RVs

    Rolite Premium Protectant Cleans, Restores and Protects , Specially formulated to penetrate deep into the surface Rolite Premium Protectant safeguards against ozone, oxidation and ultraviolet rays which fade, dull, harden and crack materials such as fiberglass, plastic, rubber, sailcloth and vinyl Rolite Premium Protectant leaves a dry, lustrous finish , no oily or greasy feel Helps repel dust and dirt to keep your surface looking great, longer Does not contain wax, silicone oils, petroleum distillates or dangerous solvents which can dull and damage the surface Not recommended for use on absorbent leather, fabrics, floors, painted surfaces or tires Directions: SHAKE WELL Use ONLY in a well ventilated area Intended for refill purposes Pre,cleaning of surface is not necessary Simply wipe evenly on surface and wipe dry with a clean, dry, microfiber cloth No rubbing or buffing is required Any excess product can be easily wiped away Protect from freezing

    • Brand: Rolite
    • ASIN: B075T2JJPJ
    • UPC: 855272005785