• Petpost Tear Stain Remover Wipes - 100 Presoaked Cotton Pads - Best Natural Eye Crust Treatment for White Fur - Maltese Angels Approved - Chemical and Bleach Free - 4 Oz.

    #1 CHOICE FOR DOG LOVERS EVERYWHERE! We love our dogs - and we want to make sure that they wake up every day feeling happy, healthy, and looking beautiful. Unfortunately, many Maltese, Shih Tzus, Chihuahuas, Poodles, Boxers, Bichon Frises, and other dogs with light fur suffer from tear stains caused by mucus around the eye. These stubborn and unsightly marks are uncomfortable and just plain embarrassing. If that is your pup - today is your lucky day! We have found that the trouble with most tear stain removers is that they ONLY clean your dog's current stains, but don't prevent future tear stains from forming. Don't worry, Petpost Tear Stain Remover Wipes for Dogs are different! Our special, extra-powerful solution contains the highest quality extracts from Coconut and Juniper Berry that: • Gently Removes Mucus and Crust Formed Around the Eye • Prevents Future Tear Stains from Forming • Is Safe and Natural with No Harsh Chemicals or Bleach THIS PRODUCT IS NOT BLEACH! It is used regularly to eliminate staining. If after a few weeks of daily use, there are still tear stains on your fur baby, that is permanently dyed fur that will need to grow out and be trimmed off. This process can take up to 6 weeks! Continued use will prevent tear stains from appearing. 100% HAPPY DOG G...

    • Brand: Petpost
    • ASIN: B01GY1B9FS
    • UPC: 859654006025

  • Arava Pet Eye Wipes,100 Count, for Dogs - Cats, Puppies & Kittens, Natural and Aromatherapy Medicated, Removes Dirt, Crust and Discharge, Prevents Tear Stain, Infections and Irritations, Soft & Gentle

    Let Arava help keep your pet's eyes clean, clear and healthy with pet eye wipes made specifically for their sensitive eyes. Pets of all shapes, sizes and ages are prone to getting crusty, gunk buildup around their eyes which can easily lead to tear stains that matte and discolor their fur. That's why you need Arava Pet Eye Wipes crafted with safe, hypoallergenic ingredients that moisten and cleanse the areas around their eyes to reduce tear stains and prevent infections from occurring. Just like us, pets can suffer from dry, itchy eyes, allergies, and even crusty "sleep" that gunks up at the corners of our eyes. When you're able to clean these away quickly each day, you can minimize the chance they'll get a sty, cysts or even yellowed tear stains from drainage. Protect your dog, cat or pet's eye health and clean their eyes and faces with premium Arava Pet Eye Wipes. Product Details: Soft, Gentle Wipes Single Wipe Pull System Dead Sea Minerals Enriched Natural, Active Ingredients Free of Harsh Chemicals Safe for Daily Use 100-Count (3.5" x 5") MSDS Tested and FDA Certified Recommendations: Keep lid closed when not in use to keep wipes moist, fresh and clean. Gently wipe around Eye until clean; do not force into Eye canal. Keep your dog's Eyes clean and healthy by w...

    • Brand: Arava - Dead Sea Pet Spa

  • PEUCD Angels' Eyes Gentle Tear 100 ct Presoaked Textured Stain Wipes

    Angels' Eyes Gentle Tear 100 ct Presoaked Textured Stain Wipes

    • Brand: PEUCD
    • UPC: 094922008176

  • Angel's Eyes Gentle Tear 100 Presoaked Textured Stain Wipes

    Use these Angels Eyes Gentle Tear Stain Wipes with Juniper Berry Oil daily to keep eye exterior clean and help reduce the risk of eye irritations and itching caused by foreign matter. Thoroughly and gently wipe around pet's eyes using a fresh wipe for each eye to remove mucus secretions, discharge, and tear stains.

    • Color: 1 pack
    • Brand: Angel's Eyes
    • ASIN: B00R03WJ1I
    • UPC: 094922008176

  • Burt’s Bees for Dogs Tear Stain Remover with Chamomile, 4 Ounces

    Burt's Bees for Dogs Tear Stain Remover Since 1984, Burt's Bees has been working in harmony to create products that work for people and planet. Inspired by Burt, this tear stain remover also brings the best to your pets. Our Burt's Bees for Dogs Tear Stain Remover is made with some of nature's finest ingredients for your peace of mind and a happy dog. Tap into nature's power with this gentle liquid made with Chamomile to remove stain-causing particles from fur around your dog's eye.

    • Color: Tear Stain Remover
    • Brand: Burt's Bees
    • ASIN: B00CEY4Z38
    • UPC: 742797758435

  • Four Paws Dog and Cat Grooming Tear Stain Remover, 8 ounces

    Four Paws Crystal Eye liquid is specially formulated to remove tear and other stains from the animal’s fur. This gentle formula is safe to use on dogs and cats. Crystal Eye liquid can also be used on Boxers, Bulldogs, Shar Pei's and similar breeds to clean between the folds of their skin. Available in 2 sizes.

    • Color: Whites & Tans
    • Brand: Four Paws
    • ASIN: B0002ASIDE
    • UPC: 045663017392

  • NEW Natural Tear Eye Stain Remover | Remove Stains and Clean Residue for Dogs and Cats | Safe Gentle Cleaner Solution for fur and delicate coats | Made in USA - 1 Bottle 8oz (240ml)

    Use our natural eye stain deterrent to treat discoloration, gently remove gunk, crust, and debris from around eyes and prevent prevent yellow, reddish brown and dark streaks on fur. Our formula does NOT contain bleach, harsh chemicals or harmful antibiotics and comes with an easy application nozzle. To use, shake bottle well first. Apply solution on a cotton ball or clean towel to moisten. Taking care not to come in contact with pet's eyes, gently work solution into stained areas for a few minutes at a time. Wipe solution outward from pet's eyes when cleaning. Continue to wipe gently for a few minutes. Use a fine-toothed comb to remove buildup if needed. To treat stains, use our Tear Stain Remover daily until build-up of residue is removed, then use weekly as a preventative maintenance program to keep the fur clean and stain-free! Our product is thoroughly tested and proven safe for animals of any age. We are a small family owned business committed to your full satisfaction, LOVE OUR TEAR STAIN REMOVER OR GET YOUR MONEY BACK! We are committed to the planet as much as we are you and your pet's happiness. Our tear stain remover and packaging are made using the most socially responsible and eco-friendly methods available right here in the USA. Bodhi Dog products are the CONSCIENTIOU...

    • Brand: Bodhi Dog
    • ASIN: B01LWAJD1Y
    • UPC: 712038296811

  • Excel 8-in-1 Tear Stain Remover Pads For Dogs, 90-Count

    Excel 8 – in – 1 Tear Stain Remover Pads is a safe, non-irritating stain remover in an easy to use pad format. These stain remover pads gently remove tear and saliva stains and can restore full luster to your pet’s coat. Regular treatment is recommended to prevent reoccurrence of stains from tears or saliva. Moist pads contain aloe vera and are designed specifically for dogs, cats, and other small animals. Contains 90 pads total.To use Excel 8 – in – 1 Tear Stain Remover Pads, first gently wipe the stained area. Next, rinse the area with water after treatment. Heavily stained areas may require daily treatment until the stain is removed. Regular treatment should prevent reoccurrence of stains. While these pads can be used around the eye area, please do not use in the eyes. For a safe and simple solution to tear and saliva stains, turn to Excel 8 – in – 1 Tear Stain Remover Pads.

    • Brand: Excel
    • ASIN: B000FPM80A
    • UPC: 666674896617

  • Pet MD Tear Stain Remover Facial and Eye Wipes for Dogs and Cats - Removes Crust, Mucus Tear and Saliva Stains - 70 XL Wipes

    Pet MD Tear Stain Facial Wipes provide gentle cleansing action for the face and eye area. Removes unsightly tear and saliva stains. May also be used to keep to keep eye area free and clear from discharge. Mild, fragrance-free formula keeps your pet's face clean, fresh, and odor-free. Perfect for multi-pet households. Larger economical size.

    • Brand: Pet MD
    • ASIN: B06XGP2VCX
    • UPC: 840235149446

  • Primo Pup Vet Health - Tear Stain Pads for Dogs - Non-Irritating Formula Cleans Tear and Saliva Stains from Coat - 90 Pads

    Veterinarian formulated by the dog health experts at Primo Pup Vet Health, these gentle coat cleansing pads for dogs offer the ultimate ease of use. Helps clean tear and saliva stains from the fur. Use daily to keep area around the eye clean and reduce the risk of eye irritations and itching from mucus, discharge and tear stains. Regular use eliminates staining around the eye. Great for dogs with a white coat. Please note that upon initial use, fur may be too stained to remove and will need to grow out over time and be removed during grooming. Continued use will keep new stains from appearing.

    • Brand: Primo Pup
    • ASIN: B074TX81W8
    • UPC: 703624906719