• Shining Blade & Ark: Collection of Visual Materials

    Featuring the stunning artwork of pinup artist and character designer Tony Taka, Shining Blade & Ark: Collection of Visual Materials gathers the latest artwork from the Shining RPG series. The book includes full-page pin-ups, character designs, weapon concepts, rough sketches, and multiple interviews with the creators behind the Shining video game series.

    • ASIN: 1927925436

  • Taka-chan and I: A Dog's Journey to Japan by Runcible (New York Review Books Children's Collection)

    This story of adventure, bravery, daring, friendship, and honor begins when Runcible, a Weimaraner, digs a hole from Cape Cod all the way to Japan. There he meets Taka-chan, a little girl who has been imprisoned by a fierce and fearsome sea dragon. The dragon is angry that Taka-chan’s father and his fellow fishermen no longer pay him proper respect, but he is willing to free Taka-chan on one condition: Runcible must seek out the most loyal creature in all Japan and lay a flower at his feet. So Taka-chan and Runcible set out on a quest of discovery that takes them to the bustling heart of Tokyo. From palace grounds to noodle shop, Runcible explores the city, stopping at nothing to solve the mystery that will release his new friend from her captivity.Taka-chan and I joins image and word in a tale that is as thrilling as it is poignant. Betty Jean Lifton, a lifelong student of Japanese folklore, and Eikoh Hosoe, a renowned Japanese photographer, have together created an enduring work of beauty that is fit to share a shelf with a classic like The Red Balloon.

    • Brand: NYR Children's Collection
    • ASIN: 1590175026

  • Shining Hearts: Collection of Visual Materials

    Featuring more of the wonderful artwork of Japanese pinup artist and character designer Tony Taka! Shining Hearts: Collection of Visual Materials gathers the beautiful artwork from the third installment in the Shining spinoff series. The book includes full-page pinups, character designs, rough sketches, and interviews with the creators behind the SEGA video game.

    • ASIN: 1926778529

  • TAKA Knockdown Pasteboard pierced earrings Jewelry Display Brown Large Size W 2.12 in x D 1.85 in x H 2.75 in [ In Use ] ( Made in Japan ) 19-2101

    It is a very useful display. You can display your handmade jewerly and collections beautifully ! This pasteboard display is a plain color, so you can decorate it with tapes, stamps, stickers and so on !

    • Brand: Taka brand
    • ASIN: B01MRC4IMO

  • Post WWII American and Japanese Relations - 2 DVD Collection

    After WWII relations between Japan and the United States were understandably tense "Post-WWII American and Japanese Relations," documents years of effort and struggle to mend the relationship between the two super powers. Focused mostly on breaking down American prejudices and stereotypes, it is an interesting glimpse into the varied cultures of the Japanese and Okinawan people and the US military occupation after WWII. Table of Contents: (1) "Japan: Our Far East Partner," is a look at the big picture of politics between the two nations after the war, focusing on the post-war recovery of the economy and cities and the industriousness and intelligence of the people -28 Minutes (2) After years of slander against the Japanese people during World War II the United States Army released, "You in Japan," to stymie prejudice. Two fictional characters are shown with their expectations of living on the base at Japan, one who remembers the wartime aggressions of the Japanese and imagines them all as shady, back alley people he should fear, and the other imaging the place as a paradise with the Japanese people eager to wait on him hand and foot. The narrator takes these two points of views and corrects the stereotypes -27 Minutes (3) In the, "Yukawa Story," Taka-aki Yukawa ponders the cultur...

    • Brand: Quality Information Publishers, Inc.
    • ASIN: B004LYPAI8
    • UPC: 844896016048

  • JDC Classics, Vol. 1

    • ASIN: B000059O7B
    • UPC: 068381402929

  • Uyo-ya Volume 2 (Japanese Edition)


    • ASIN: B01H7Q5OOG