• The Long Snapper: A Second Chance, a Super Bowl, a Lesson for Life

    Brian Kinchen was a thirty-eight-year-old husband, father of four, and seventh-grade Bible teacher whose professional football career had been over for three years when the New England Patriots called on December 15, 2003. With the Patriots riding a ten-game winning streak and the playoffs only a few weeks away, they needed a fill-in for the obscure but vital job of snapping the ball for their punter and kicker-a long snapper. Brian had received similar invitations to tryouts that yielded only disappointment-the teams always went with a younger guy. But could he really turn away from the chance of a lifetime?

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  • Long Snapping: A Three Quarter Second Snapshot into the High School Life of a Rubio Long Snapper

    Football players, high school students, and parents will find Long Snapping: A Three Quarter Second Snapshot into the High School Life of a Rubio Long Snapper insightful. Students who are looking to get a picture of what it takes to be a specialist will enjoy the stories. Parents who are looking for a map will discover some road signs on a multifaceted journey. Long Snapping takes you from the beginning of the football experience, the specializations, the eventual contact, and training with Rubio, the long snapping coach.

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  • The Art of Long Snapping: The Ultimate How-to Guide for Football Coaches and Long Snappers

    The Art of Long Snapping is the quintessential book on how to become a successful long snapper. Written by a Ty Frix a former NCAA Division 1 football player turned coach who has collected his keys to long snapping success in this book. The tools Ty offers in his book are what made him a successful long snapper in the competitive SEC conference and are based on lessons passed down from his father, who won an undisputed NCAA National Championship as a long snapper. The book is crafted to guide both coaches and players alike. Download it today!

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  • Upside Down Football: An Inside Look at Long Snapping in the NFL

    The long snapper is perhaps the most overlooked and underappreciated position in football. He spends a great deal of his career bent over a football, with a guy either kneeling seven yards behind him or standing back at 15 yards. In a sense, the long snapper has one job—to go unnoticed. If he is noticed, it probably means he’s flubbed a snap—and for a long snapper, a single mistake can mean instant unemployment.In Upside Down Football: An Inside Look at Long Snapping in the NFL, Ted Kluck shares the unique stories of these often-unseen high-pressure athletes. To fully explore the art of long snapping, Kluck attempts to perfect his own long-snapping technique, enlisting NFL snapping super-agent Kevin Gold and former longtime NFL snapper Justin Snow to help him. He also learns from elite NFL special teams coach Gary Zauner, experiences the camp circuit via snapping guru Chris Rubio, trains with snapping coach Nolan Owen, and talks with Green Beret and college snapper Nate Boyer. Upside Down Football features in-depth interviews with players, coaches, agents, and scouts, introducing the reader to men who have snapped at the game’s highest level and to those who helped them get there. NFL and college football fans, along with long snappers of all levels, will enjoy this enter...

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  • Sake: Discover the Culinary Pleasures of Sake's Long Relationship With Japanese Cuisine

    Sake has been designed to introduce readers to information and explanations about matching different sakes with traditional and modern, fusion Japanese cuisine. As part of this introduction to the enjoyment of sake, author Hideo Dekura begins by highlighting 28 of the most respected Kuramotos (sake brewers) in Japan. Each is explained in terms of their methods and what gives each brand its individual characteristics. Discover the strong work ethic needed to achieve the respected and admired level of workmanship that is required by the Kuramotos. This book is intended as a beginner’s guide to explore how different sakes and food are combined to provide the perfect culinary balance. Readers will go on a journey of self-discovery to find the best makers of the very coolest Japanese sake brands and find out how to enjoy each with traditional and modern Japanese dishes. (Hideo Dekura)

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  • Bass, Pike, Perch and Others: The Classic Reference Guide to Eastern North American Game Fish

    A North American fishing handbook from one of the great masters of the sport.First published in 1903, Bass, Pike, Perch, and Others remains a reliable resource for fishing enthusiasts in North America. As part of the American Sportman’s Library, this handbook was set apart as an important text on sporting subjects from an American perspective, provided here by Dr. James A. Henshall, who spent decades studying fish and fishing. Henshall, called both the “Apostle of the Black Bass” and the “Dean of American Anglers,” is one of the most important conservationists and fish culturists in our nation’s history, best known for originating bass fishing. Here, Henshall provides information on all the game fish families of the United States east of the Rocky Mountains, including:• Sunfish• Bass• Perch• Grayling• Drum• Minnow• Catfish• Grouper• Cavalla• GruntThis guide, complete with the original black-and-white illustrations and personal anecdotes from Henshall, is a must-have classic for any serious angler.Skyhorse Publishing is proud to publish a broad range of books for fishermen. Our books for anglers include titles that focus on fly fishing, bait fishing, fly-casting, spin casting, deep sea fishing, and surf fishing. Our books offer both practical advice on tackle, ...

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