• Acu-Life Lice and Egg Removal System with Tea Tree Oil (Lice removal kit)

    Acu-Life Lice Removal System includes a lice removal spay that is a non-toxic formula derived from tea tree oil. The Lice Removal Spray lubricates the hair for better combing action. The metal lice comb is used to remove lice and nits.

    • Brand: Acu-Life
    • ASIN: B000GCUCPU
    • UPC: 079573104521

  • Nix Ultra 2-in-1 Lice Treatment - Pesticide Free and Non Toxic - Kills Super Lice and Eggs by Suffocation - 3.4 Fluid Ounces

    Nix ultra 2-in-1 lice elimination system eliminates head lice, including hard-to-kill super lice. Effective - nix ultra kills lice and, unlike some lice treatments, kills eggs too. Now specially designed to kill super lice - nix ultra is specially designed to eliminate hard-to-kill super lice, which have developed resistance to many traditional lice treatments. Trusted - nix is the 1 pediatrician and pharmacist recommended brand, trusted by moms and hated by lice. Convenient - nix ultra solution quickly and precisely saturates hair to ensure easy application, then is washed out with regular shampoo. Remaining lice and eggs are combed out with high-quality nix professional lice removal comb.

    • Brand: NIX
    • ASIN: B01BU6E7G0
    • UPC: 363736109387

  • Liceadex Head Lice Treatment for Nit & Egg Removal Gel 4 oz

    Liceadex Head Lice Killer Treatment - 4 oz.The all natural Liceadex Head Lice Treatment system for removing lice and eggs has a natural, non-toxic formula that is safe for kids but deadly to Head Lice and Nits. Our non-toxic Gel is free of permethrins and pyrethrins, and instead uses naturally occurring minerals and specialized surfactants to kill Head Lice and Nits on contact. The Liceadex Gel is easily applied and removed from the hair because it contains the lubricant, Dimethicone. This makes application and nit combing pleasant for both you and your child. The formula is also safe for multiple applications because, unlike the drugstore brands, there is no harmful pesticide residue left on the hair, skin, or scalp. Together with the Liceadex-eX Home & Bedding Spray the Liceadex Gel is part of the most complete Lice and Nit Removal Solution available.

    • Brand: All Stop
    • ASIN: B002TB8JC4
    • UPC: 879391001985

  • 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil Natural Essential Oil with Antifungal Antibacterial Benefits For Face Skin Hair Nails Heal Acne Psoriasis Dandruff Piercings Cuts Bug Bites Multipurpose Surface Cleaner

    Tea tree oil is an incredible multi purpose essential oil with benefits to sooth and heal skin, hair, and nails. Conditions such as acne, psoriasis, warts, dandruff, nail fungus, bad odors, cuts, bruises, bug bites, piercings, and razor burn are no match for pure tea tree oil. This powerful oil isn't just great for use on the face, hair, and body, it is also great for home and kitchen cleaning for its mold killing and disinfecting properties. What can't tea tree oil do? Tea tree oil is derived from the Australian botanical known as Melaleuca Alternifolia. It is believed the secret to this all natural healing wonder's ability is its terpene hydrocarbons, specifically terpine-4 compound. This broad spectrum antimicrobial to gently but effectively eliminate bacteria, fungus, and even some viruses. It doesn't just heal external infections, it also helps relieve cough and cold symptoms by inhaling a cloth with a few drops place on it. Tea tree oil is also effective in relieving muscle aches, pains, and sprains. Tea tree oil really does do it all! What makes tea tree oil especially versatile is its ability to boost anything you put it in with its amazing healing powers. Many people use to make therapeutic shampoo, conditioner, acne treatment, moisturizer, cream, body wash, massage oil,...

    • Brand: Maple Holistics
    • ASIN: B018J6KIBW
    • UPC: 806802192772

  • Rid Home Lice Control Spray, Lice Control System, 5 Ounces ( Pack of 6)

    Kills lice & their eggs on mattresses, furniture, car interiors and other non-washable items. Also for bed bugs.

    • ASIN: B004GEYWGO
    • UPC: 767644884976

  • Lice Knowing You Knock Out Lice Removal System, 8 Ounce

    Doctor Recommended. Knock-Out Lice Removal System is a proven safe and effective way to eliminate lice and nits just like the professionals. The Knock-Out Lice Removal System contains Lice Removal Knock-Out Serum, Lice Removal Knock-Out Mousse, a Knock-Out Lice Comb, a Magnifying Glass, a video tutorial and step-by-step instructions, in both english and spanish, on how to remove head lice. The contents of the kit can be used for multiple treatments. Give a one, two punch to lice - and knock it out for good.- Clini- cal studies have shown that Lice Knowing You lice removal products make the task of head lice removal easy and trouble-free.

    • Brand: Lice Knowing You
    • ASIN: B007761TGE
    • UPC: 857027003015

  • Head Lice Treatment Egg & Nit Removal Terminator Comb By Arudge Stainless Steel Spiral Grooved Teeth Ergonomic Design With Anti Slip Bands

    Amazingly Efficient Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Are you tired of dangerous insecticide chemicals in your home and pesky insect nets that never seem to work properly? Do you want a solution that is safe, eco-friendly and efficient? If so, our special ultrasonic Arudge Pest Repeller is the ideal solution for you! Perfectly Safe and Hazard Free This product works by annoying pests with high ultrasonic frequencies that cause them to leave your space. These frequencies are too high for the human ear to hear and do absolutely no harm to humans and ordinary pets. Important: Should not be used if your pets are small rodents or insects. Eco-Friendly and Chemical-Free Insecticides are dangerous chemicals that are best to be avoided in the home. The ultrasonic Arudge Pest Repeller is durable, uses no chemicals and is an environment friendly solution. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed If for any reason our product is not a good fit for you, we give you a full refund. No questions asked. No strings attached. Take advantage of our amazing offer now and say goodbye to pesky pests!

    • Color: white
    • Brand: Arudge
    • ASIN: B076QCN9PN
    • UPC: 611188539161

  • 2 Pack #1 Lice treatment by Weeks & Leo - Natural lice elimination system with metal lice comb - pesticide free - safe & non toxic

    Weeks & Leo Natural Lice Elimination System is a simple two-step process to rid hair of lice/eggs with no harsh chemicals. The soothing lice elimination liquid soaks hair to allow for easier removal of lice/eggs using the patented lice comb.

    • Brand: Weeks & Leo
    • ASIN: B00OS1KUDE
    • UPC: 732363710240

  • Licemosis Anti-Lice Gel System - The Most Effective Lice and Nits Removal Formula - No Nits, No Lice Recurrence

    Licemosis Anti-Lice Gel System is the only 100% effective lice elimination gel that removes all nits and lice, including Super Lice. The head lice treatment removes all lice and nits in one 30-minute application. When lice lay their nits, they secrete a cement-like substance called spumaline. Spumaline is protein-based and hardens within seconds after secretion creating a strong bond between the nit and the hair-shaft. It holds the nit firmly in position during the incubation period and in many cases for a long period after. Licemosis Anti Lice Gel System dissolves the spumaline to remove nits and suffocate lice; and thus, eliminates both nits and lice in one 30-minute treatment. Licemosis Anti-Lice Gel product will eliminate even the most difficult head lice infestation. Our no pesticide lice treatment gel uses natural dehydration process to remove nits (eggs) and lice so there is no need of expensive salon interventions or repeated product purchases. Safe, quick and effective with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. No nits, means no lice recurrence. Directions to use the Product Apply Licemosis Anti-Lice Gel to Dry hair. Massage thoroughly to saturate hair and scalp so that all nits and lice come into contact, especially behind ears and at nape of neck. Leave the gel on...

    • Brand: OsmoTherapeutics
    • ASIN: B071P668XX

  • First Aid Bodico 2-pc Lice eggs Nit Comb Removal System, Stainless steel

    Dual lice comb system made to remove nit, lice, eggs. inlc. 2 pcs.

    • Brand: Bodico
    • UPC: 062823773646