• Blue Demon E71T-1/1M X .035 X 11LB Spool gas shielded flux core welding wire

    E71T-1/1M is an all position, flux cored welding wire, which is intended for single and multiplepass welding of low-alloy and carbon steel where a minimum 70ksi tensile strength and good notch toughness is required.

    • Brand: Blue Demon
    • ASIN: B00G5GIDJS
    • UPC: 652426341429

  • NoCry 6-in-1 Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet and Hearing Protection System with Two Protective Visors

    Versatile. NoCry's Forestry Helmet is made to protect your head from falling branches, objects and debris while trimming trees and brush, doing construction work, landscaping, and working on other projects where head, eye and ear protection is important. It's how you protect your noggin while you're out loggin'.Assembly takes up to 5 minutes. Product like forestry helmets can be quite difficult to assemble, so we've done our best to create easy-to-follow assembly instructions that are included in the package. It takes just a few minutes, then you're ready to get to work.Easily adjustable for any needs. With a few easy-to-make adjustments, this Forestry Helmet can be configured six different ways for use on different projects: Head protection/hard hat only, head protection + polycarbonate visor, head protection + mesh visor, head protection + ear muffs, head protection + ear muffs + polycarbonate visor, head protection + ear muffs + mesh visor.No additional purchases necessary. The package includes everything you'd need to get the most out of this helmet - a hard hat, suspension webbing, a pair of ear muffs, 1 mesh visor, and 1 clear face shield.We stand behind every item we make. If there's ever an issue with your helmet or accessories, we'll make it right by replacing them for f...

    • Color: Red
    • Brand: NoCry
    • ASIN: B074TCJYPZ

  • B3C FUEL SOLUTIONS Ethanol Shield, 4 oz

    4 OZ, Ethanol Shield, For 2 Cycle Engine Use, Protects Your Entire Fuel System From The Harmful Effects Of Ethanol Blended Fuel & Cleans Varnish & Carbon Deposits From The Fuel Tank To The Tailpipe, Treats The Problem Not The Symptom, Preventative Maintenance Formula, Removes Water, Prevents Ethanol Phase Separation, Contains Rubber & Plastic Conditioners, Increases Octane, Fuel Stabilization, Upper Cylinder Lubrication, Reduces Emissions, Synthetic Fuel Additive, Safe For 2 Cycle Engine. This product can be used easily. This product is manufactured in China.

    • Color: orange
    • Brand: B3C Fuel Solutions
    • ASIN: B005KRJ3AG
    • UPC: 856202002041

  • Full Face Respirator by Parcil Distribution. Double Air filter, Visor Protection, Gas Mask - Industrial Grade Quality - Pure SAFE Breathing for toxic environments

    PD-100 Industrial Gas Mask by Parcil Distribution™ TRUSTED BY HEAVY DUTY INDUSTRIAL STAFF Built to supply clean air and protect your face from toxic substances. Perfect for emergencies and exposure to chemical agents or industrial vapors. An effective shield against strong odors and dangerous gases. An absolute MUST for all doomsday preppers. A top gift for men. Made with high-quality silicone to ensure a clean, airtight seal on your face. Details: ✅ High density elastic straps ensure mask stability and an air tight seal ✅ Brand new U.S. domestic design with thorough English instructions ✅ Easy dual filter removal and installation ✅ Anti fog and impact resistant full-face lens ✅ Ergonomic, lightweight & portable design ✅ Factory sealed product and packaging Protection against: Dust, gasoline, Fire, carbon dioxide, ether, nitroalkane, nitrobenzene, carbon trichloride, nitrobenzene, gases & organic vapor, chlorine benzene, acetone, alcohols, anilines, carbon dioxide, carbon tetrachloride, chloroform, chloropicrin, and many other pollutants. Useful Applications: Disaster relief, pesticide protection, chemical laboratory, fire inspection, health/epidemic prevention, environmental technology, mining, metallurgy, fire-fighting, industrial production, paint application,...

    • Brand: Parcil Distribution
    • ASIN: B076BSN5NH

  • Pack of 10,Large Gas Lens Alumina Cup Shield Nozzles 57N75(#6) Fit PTA DB HW WP-17 18 26 Series TIG Welder Torch

    Details: 1.Premium quality Alumina Cup For Large Gas Lens 2.Size in #6 57N75 10mm 3/8 inches, length in 47.6mm 3.Fit CK PTA DB HW WP-17 18 26 Series TIG Welder Torch in Lincoln Weldcraft ESAB Binzel Brand 4.Pack of 10pcs 57N75(#6) Alumina Nozzles in one box

    • Color: Pink
    • Brand: TIG Nozzles 17 18 26
    • UPC: 690839317921


    BUY IT NOW,YOU MAY SAVE A LIFE BY CHANCE. DESCRIPTION: The CPR Mask provides a physical barrier between the rescuer and victim,eliminating direct contact of the rescuer's lips with the unknown subject. The CPR Mask promotes an airtight seal to the face allowing ventilation through both the mouth and nose simultaneously,Proper training in ventilation and CPR should be obtained before using this device INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: 1.Remove the mask and valve assembly from case 2.Push out the soft dome with your fingers and ensure that the one way valve is in place 3.Clear the airway of any debris.(Put on protective gloves at first if necessary.) 4.Place the mask over the patient;s mouth and nose,Use the rim of the mask to retract the lower lip so that the patient's mouth remains open under the mask,Use thumbs to hold the mask and your fingers to grasp the lower jaw in front of the earlobes,Pull upward to open the airway and seal the mask 5.Blow slowly into the airway valve twice and watch as the patient's chest rises 6.Ventilate the patient every five seconds for an dault or every three seconds for a child,Continue rescue breathing until the patient responds or you are relieved by a higher medical authority 7.If the patient vomits,remove the mask and clean both the patient's airway and th...

    • Brand: Maskstore
    • ASIN: B0753KVCVN
    • UPC: 654070713812

  • 10Pcs TIG Welder Torch Accessories-Pink Large Gas Lens Cup Alumina Nozzle Shield (Size #10/53N88)

    Details: 1.Premium quality Alumina Cup For Large Gas Lens 2.Size in #10 53N88 16mm 5/8 inches, length in 47.6mm 3.Fit CK PTA DB HW WP-17 18 26 Series TIG Welder Torch in Lincoln Weldcraft ESAB Binzel Brand 4.Pack of 10pcs 53N88(#10) Alumina Nozzles in one box

    • Color: Pink
    • Brand: TIG Nozzles 17 18 26
    • ASIN: B01JFT9J62
    • UPC: 690839317945

  • Oberon 1IR5R Shade 5 gas welding green Face-Fit Face shield, One Size

    Oberon shade 5 gas welding green Face-Fit Face shield has a lightweight and durable design and protects you while you work.

    • Brand: Oberon Company
    • ASIN: B0768LCMYD
    • UPC: 731406318917

  • CFORWARD Dustproof Mask Activated Carbon Filtration Exhaust Gas Anti Pollen Allergy PM2.10 Face Mask for Running Cycling and Other Outdoor Activities(591YT)

    Cforward® - focus on Sport and outdoor accessories! Haze days, dust, vehicle exhaust, air pollution, how to do? Everyone all know that need to control emissions and improve the energy consumption structure.But,those who need long-term control to cure Common mask?It has no effect Moving purifying respirator?It is large,expensive and burden Now what ? Refused to be a human vacuum cleaner,wear a dustproof ,anti-haze mask Healthy breathing and safe to go out Our mask ●Brand name: CFORWARD ●Weight: 2 ounces ●Size: average size,stretchy and adjustable ●Mask material: diving Fabrics ●Filter material: activated Carbon ●Inner cover material: nonwoven, activated carbon Function ●Healthy breathing -- Active carbon filters isolate 95-percent of dust, chemicals, fumes and particulates ●Smooth breathing -- Unique ventilation design, excellent permeability, double air breathing valve, air resistance is smaller,smooth breathing Feature  ●Fashion pattern design -- Attractive appearance and is simple and lightweight ●Comfortable fabrics -- Diving fabrics, soft texture,comfortable to wear ●Adjustable Velcro -- Velcro neck design ingenious,the size can be adjusted to meet the most head type ●Combination of ergonomics perfectly -- According to human face design,has a pr...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: CFORWARD
    • ASIN: B01H4O8NM6

  • MB24 24KD MIG/MAG CO2 Welding Torch Conical Nozzle Shield Cup Gas Nozzle 10PK

    10 pcs Shield Cup for Ergoplus 24KD and Binzel 24KD/GRIP240 MIG/MAG Welding Torch

    • Brand: RIVERWELD
    • ASIN: B01F6K5NDM
    • UPC: 608560628056