• Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Masterpieces from The National Gallery of Art

    This dazzling selection of impressionist and post-impressionist paintings features lavish reproductions, lively commentary, and a beautiful slipcase that will delight art lovers. The National Gallery of Art in Washington possesses nearly 400 French impressionist and post-impressionist paintings―one of the finest collections of its kind in the world. This book celebrates that collection with 50 of the Gallery’s best-known works, which represent a generous cross section of impressionist and postimpressionist art at its most breathtaking. Reproduced with stunning quality, the full- and double-page illustrations allow readers to savor Van Gogh’s vibrant palette, the lushness of Monet’s gardens, the texture of Cézanne’s still lifes, and the delicate beauty of Renoir’s women. Works by Gauguin, Seurat, Bazille, and Toulouse-Lautrec display the wide range of styles encompassed by the impressionist and post-impressionist periods. Each masterpiece is accompanied by a brief and informative text, while an essay recounts the challenges and excitement of forming a storied collection. The next best thing to viewing such marvelous art in person, this book offers pleasure on every page.

    • Brand: Prestel Publishing
    • ASIN: 3791351044

  • The Age of French Impressionism: Masterpieces from the Art Institute of Chicago

    The Art Institute of Chicago houses one of the world’s greatest collections of late-19th-century French art. This stunning book highlights more than 100 of the museum’s masterpieces, from the bold works of Édouard Manet, an important figure in the transition from Realism to Impressionism, to Claude Monet’s light-filled paintings—the hallmarks of the period—and Paul Cézanne’s influential Post-Impressionist canvases. Each beautifully reproduced work is situated in terms of the memorable era in which it was created, and collectively they exemplify the diversity of ideas and extraordinary wealth of talent at work during the remarkable Impressionist period. The publication also features a chronology—illustrated with color reproductions, archival photographs, and exhibition shots—that documents the history and formation of the Art Institute of Chicago’s renowned collection. The Age of French Impressionism offers art enthusiasts a fascinating overview of the Impressionist movement and its legacy.

    • ASIN: 0300167806

  • Modern Art in Detail: 75 Masterpieces

    An accessible and comprehensive guide to understanding the detail behind modern artGreat works of art cannot be fully understood in a single encounter. This is perhaps even truer for modern artworks that may not immediately make sense to, or even appeal to, the casual observer. Viewing an artwork― whether it is a painting, sculpture, installation, video, or photograph― as a whole is one method of interacting with it, but a deeper understanding can only be gained by analyzing it in detail.Modern Art in Detail: 75 Masterpieces spotlights the finer points that even connoisseurs may miss. The book includes all the minutiae that a quick glance will almost certainly fail to reveal, including subtle internal details. Susie Hodge writes intelligently and informatively about relevant external influences on the artist―everything from global political events to groundbreaking movements such as Cubism, Futurism, and Primitivism, and even scientific and mathematical theories.This book examines seventy-five artworks from the late nineteenth century to the modern day. It treats each of its subjects on its own merits, but it also views each as part of a tradition that links it to the past, which sees artists pass a baton down through the ages. Moreover, it charts the shift from the suprema...

    • Brand: THAMES HUDSON
    • ASIN: 0500239762

  • Art Nouveau and Art Deco Bookbinding: French Masterpieces 1880-1940

    Dust Jacket in Fine condition. Never opened. Still in publisher's shipping box.

    • Brand: Brand: Harry N. Abrams
    • ASIN: 0810918811

  • Vintage Travel Posters (Art Coloring Book): Make Your Own Art Masterpiece (Colouring Books)

    A unique selection of charming posters from the birth of passenger travel is offered here, with delightful images of seaside towns, beaches, railway stations, ports and exotic distant locales. With simple color references you can create your own art masterpieces, frame and send them to family and friends: a peaceful and productive pastime, with beautiful results. Printed on high quality paper, this new book features 45 images for you to color, offering a suggestion of how the original looked as well as key information such as title and date. This book will take you on an enjoyable journey where the satisfaction of creating stunning artworks is mixed with rediscovering the joy of coloring. You can use a wide variety of pens: from gel and pencil, to pigment and crayons, from ballpoint and rollerball to highlighters, although it’s best to avoid the heavy felt pens. Each page is perforated near the spine of the book, so you can tear out and frame, or simply place your wonderful creation on the walls of your home, perhaps even send them as a gift to your loved ones. Bring the Ink to life!

    • ASIN: 1786647907

  • A Garden Eden: Masterpieces of Botanical Illustration (Multilingual Edition)

    Heaven on earth: Botanical masterworks from the National Library of ViennaIn pursuit of both knowledge and delight, the craft of botanical illustration has always required not only meticulous draftsmanship but also a rigorous scientific understanding. This fresh TASCHEN edition celebrates the botanical tradition and talents with a selection of outstanding works from the National Library of Vienna, including many new images.From Byzantine manuscripts right through to 20th-century masterpieces, through peonies, callas, and chrysanthemums, these exquisite reproductions dazzle in their accuracy and their aesthetics. Whether in gently furled leaves, precisely textured fruits, or the sheer beauty and variety of colors, we celebrate an art form as tender as it is precise, and ever more resonant amid our growing awareness of our ecological surroundings and the preciousness of natural flora.About the series:Bibliotheca Universalis— Compact cultural companions celebrating the eclectic TASCHEN universe at an unbeatable, democratic price!Since we started our work as cultural archaeologists in 1980, the name TASCHEN has become synonymous with accessible, open-minded publishing.mBibliotheca Universalis brings together nearly 100 of our all-time favorite titles in a neat new format so you can...

    • Brand: Lack H Walter
    • ASIN: 3836559420

  • Brooklyn Beans French Roast Coffee Single-cup coffee for Keurig K-Cup Brewers for Keurig Brewers, 40 Count

    Coffee roasting is an art, and our French Roast is a masterpiece worthy of The Met. We start with our finest Arabica beans, then roast them to perfection to draw out the intense, smoky flavors beloved by serious coffee drinkers the world over. Whether you're on the go or have time to savor every sip, French Roast will satisfy your craving for a no-nonsense cup of joe.

    • Brand: Brooklyn Beans
    • ASIN: B008I1XLJA
    • UPC: 608939795754

  • Masterpieces of French Art Pottery, 1885-1910

    This 46 page exhibition catalogue explores the highlights of the ceramics revolution that swept France between 1880 and 1915. It includes essays on leading designers Hector Guimard, Ernest Chaplet, Auguste Delaherche, Jean Carriés, Georges Hoentschel, Émile Grittel, Paul Jeanneney, Paul Milet, Taxile Doat, Leonard Gebleux, Pierre Adrien Dalpayrat, Edmond Lachenal, Raoul Lachenal, Émile Decoeur, Joseph Mougin, Ernest Bussiére, Clément Massier. 68 full color illustrations of rare examples; text by Claire Cass.

    • ASIN: B001EBYLUE

  • Womens I'M IN IT FOR THE MONET Funny Artist Pun Shirt Claude Monet Large Black

    Designed for artists or anyone who likes art puns! If you like the classic painters Vincent Van Gough, Edgar Degas or Claude Monet, or if you like french impressionist painting or plein-air landscape paintings, then you'll love this tee. Wonderful Impressionism Vintage Classic from the Master himself. Enjoy his masterpiece! Use them as punny tshirts, punny gifts, or pun gifts or painter gifts. Similar to I do it for the money shirt.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Art Tee Shirts for Artists
    • ASIN: B0754DW5MB

  • The Masterpieces of French Painting From The Metropolitan Museum of Art 1800-1920

    This volume has been published in conjunction with the exhibition "The Masterpieces of French Painting From The Metropolitan Museum of Art:1800-1920," held at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, February 4-May 6, 2007

    • ASIN: 1588392139