• The Smithsonian First Ladies Collection

    Admire the nationally famous collection of first ladies' gowns and learn about the contributions made by the women who wore themThe Smithsonian First Ladies Collection is a beautifully illustrated book inspired by one of the most popular attractions at the Smithsonian: the first ladies exhibit at the National Museum of American History. This striking book showcases the treasures from first ladies throughout history, ranging from Martha Washington's silk dress and dressing mirror to Michelle Obama's 2009 inaugural gown and jewelry. These and many other unforgettable objects--including gowns, tableware, and invitations from beloved first ladies such as Mamie Eisenhower, Jacqueline Kennedy, Barbara Bush, Hilary Clinton, and more--tell the story of the first ladies as public and private figures. They illustrate how these women, thrust into an influential and visible role by happenstance of marriage, adapted themselves and the role of first lady by taking on responsibilities as campaigners, hostesses, and policy advocates.The Smithsonian First Ladies Collection features many treasures not on view at the exhibit. Complete with an insider's look at the acquisition, conservation, and exhibition of the pieces as well as a timeline of all forty-six first ladies, this is a must-have for any...

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  • First Lady: A Novel

    New York Times Bestseller!Critically acclaimed novelist and award-winning short story writer Michael Malone is the smart, literate, compassionate voice of the American south. His gift for crafting the great American comedy, as he did in Handling Sin, is matched only by his ability to create mystery novels ripped with tension, twists and humanity. A woman's body has been found-murdered, mutilated, tagged and addressed to Lt. Justin Savile V and Police Chief Cuddy R. Mangum. Dubbed the "Guess Who Killer" by a voracious press, Hillston, North Carolina, has a serial killer on its hands. The media and the mayor demand answers while the city lives in fear. Savile and Mangum are being taunted and stalked. Worse, they have no leads.Plot driven in the classic sense of a bestseller, yet written with literary style and substance, First Lady is a novel you will want to read and savor yourself and share with a friend. Continuing the series begun with lauded novels Time's Witness and Uncivil Seasons, Michael Malone's return proves a thrilling success.

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  • First Comes Love (New Castle Book 1)

    Kat D’Angelo’s bittersweet life is about to get decadent. Four years after the scandal of her young pregnancy, Kat has finally managed to come to terms with her otherwise lackluster life. Budgeted to the penny and scheduled to the minute, Kat’s highest priority is her daughter, Mia. After being deserted by Mia’s father, abandoned by her conservative family, and broke to the point of near starvation, Kat has grown into a woman incapable of trusting others with her happiness. She is determined, for the sake of her daughter, to maintain a simple, organized life, free of unnecessary pleasures. However, when Tyson Adams, a successful, African American entrepreneur, becomes her new neighbor, Kat learns that some pleasures are too sweet to resist.A beautiful telling of the power of love, the fear of diversity and a mother’s unconditional sacrifice that bursts with emotion, touches the heart, and erupts with passion. Unforgettable.

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  • First Little Readers Parent Pack: Guided Reading Level B: 25 Irresistible Books That Are Just the Right Level for Beginning Readers

    Jumpstart reading success with this big collection of motivating storybooks correlated with Guided Reading Level B. Most pages of these full-color storybooks feature just one or two lines of simple, repetitive text to help children learn to read with ease and confidence. Includes a tip-filled parent guide. A great value!Includes these 25 titles:1. What Jumps?2. In My Pocket3. What do Monsters Eat?4. Animal Crackers5. Farm Twins6. The Missing Monster7. My Meatball8. Growing Up9. I Wish I Were a Bird10. Tiny Things11. Gingerbread Boy12. What Flies?13. Bigger14. I Like Socks15. Meet My Baby Brother16. Come Over17. Party Shapes18. The Wheels on the Bus19. Cloud Pictures20. Ice Cream Scoops21. Draw a Cat22. What Grows on Trees?23. Halloween24. Great Hair25. Clean Up, Clean Up! For use with Grades PreK-2.

    • Brand: Scholastic Teaching Resources
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  • Royally Tempted (The Triple Crown Club Book 3)

    Filthy. Royal. Gorgeous. Triplets. Temptation’s never tasted so sweet.They’re the hottest, dirtiest fantasy that I never saw coming. Three gorgeous, powerful princes – triplets at that – who share everything.And now they’ve got their eyes on me.It’s called the Triple Crown Club – a place out of whispered secrets and rumor, where the powerful, royal elite come to indulge in the ultimate fantasy: a place where three princes share one lucky girl.…If she dares.Sneaking in here was a mistake. But meeting the King brothers might just be the best mistake I’ve ever made.Three identically gorgeous men, with three wicked tongues, six demanding hands, and three very huge, uh, crown-jewels.I’d ask how a girl’s supposed to choose, but maybe I won’t have to. After all, triplets are exactly the same……size.*Please note that each of the Triple Crown Club books are completely standalone stories centered around one heroine, with no cliffhangers.Royally Tempted is a modern fairytale involving three totally and completely obsessed alpha heroes, and enough insta-love, kindle-melting steam, and sugary-sweetness to make you swoon. This mfmm romance is all about her – no m/m. If you love over-the-top, slightly unrealistic, and wildly dirty stories, this one’s for you! HEA ...

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  • My Royal Sin (Arrogant Heirs)

    She’s totally off-limits……which makes her even more irresistible!Famed for his iron control, Prince Benedict, just weeks from joining the priesthood, is unprepared for the chemistry that ricochets through him when he meets Ruby. She is temptation personified…but she couldn’t be more inappropriate for a royal fling! Except after years of choosing duty over desire his control has finally snapped—he’s choosing pleasure…of the most X-rated kind. After all, if he’s going to indulge in the forbidden, the higher the stakes, the greater the thrill!“Dare is Harlequin’s hottest line yet. Every book should come with a free fan. I dare you to try them!”—Tiffany Reisz, international bestselling author

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  • Royally Claimed (The Triple Crown Club Book 2)

    I’m about to get royally screwed.They’re dominant, gorgeous, wealthy, and actual real-life royal princes.And they want me.It’s every girl’s dream to find her prince charming, but what happens when she finds three of them?…what happens when they say like to share?They say they come as a package deal. They say they’re going to give me one night from my wildest, darkest, most forbidden fantasies. And they promise they’re make me scream their names until I’m begging for more.But only if dare.Ever heard the fairytale about the girl who get’s her heart claimed by three princes?Yeah, me neither.…But I think I’m about to.*Please note that each of the Triple Crown Club books are completely standalone stories centered around one heroine, with no cliffhangers.Royally Claimed is a modern fairytale involving three utterly obsessed alpha heroes and enough insta-love, kindle-melting steam, and sugary-sweetness to make you melt. For real, you guys, the insta-love in this one is out of control! This mfmm romance is all about her – no m/m. If you love over-the-top, slightly unrealistic, and wildly dirty stories, this one’s for you! HEA with NO CHEATING! For a very limited time, this book includes TWO other books of mine as a thank you for reading! Please note that Royally...

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  • Lord Stanton's Last Mistress (Wild Lords and Innocent Ladies)

    She saved his life…Now he can’t resist her!In this Wild Lords and Innocent Ladies story, Lord Stanton’s stay on the island of Illiakos is shrouded in memories of fever and his mysterious nurse. Years later, an Illiakan royal visit to Stanton Hall reveals the princess’s chaperone, Christina James, is the woman who saved his life! Alexander is a master of control, but Christina makes him long to unleash the sinful side he’s buried…and unlock her passionate nature, too!Wild Lords and Innocent Ladies miniseriesBook 1 — Lord Hunter’s Cinderella HeiressBook 2 — Lord Ravenscar’s Inconvenient Betrothal Book 3 — Lord Stanton’s Last Mistress “The second book in the Wild Lords and Innocent Ladies trilogy will thrill Regency fans” — RT Book Reviews on Lord Ravenscar’s Inconvenient Betrothal “Temple has a delightful gift with words that is sure to have readers smiling as the story of blossoming love and Gothic mystery unfolds” — RT Book Reviews on The Duke’s Unexpected Bride

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