• Captured Heart (Highland Hearts)

    Highland Hearts, book 1

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  • Captured Hearts

    A frontier woman is captured by an Indian war party. Her fear and hatred of the tribal people are overcome as she lives with the people and comes to know them. The accidental death of her baby throws her into despair and she makes a desperate escape to be reunited with her husband and home. This book is based on the life of a woman who lived in the 18th Century. As the story develops, the parts of her story that were not recorded are drawn from the journals, diaries and early memoirs of her contemporaries. While these characters are fictional, their stories are true. All the characters are based on real people and reliable accounts, as are the incidents depicted in this book.

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  • Captured Hearts: Five Favorite Love Stories

    A collection of five of the best love stories, all out of print for at least five years, by five outstanding romance authors features pirates, outlaws, and beauties in distress in settings from Regency London to the dusty Old West. Original.

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  • Captured Hearts

    In his secret world, Jamey Marcum had to make difficult choices. Choices that often changed others’ lives. Now he’s made a decision to change one more life. Allee Jones. Allee Jones is the perfect target. No family. No friends. No one will miss her if she never shows up to her job again. Because of her anxieties, she is a social pariah. When Jamey abducts Allee, he never imagined she would be the one to slip into his sealed heart, and emotions could get both of them killed. Still, he delivers her to a ruthless woman who enslaves Allee to the whims of deviants and predators in a hidden Pacific Northwest location housing dozens of abducted women. In the midst of the nightmare she faces, Allee has to trust her abductor or face certain death. The man who grabbed her off the street possesses an odd she cannot explain. Together they must fight each other’s demons to face their undeniable desire, exposing even more of Allee's secret afflictions. Their challenges reach far beyond what transpired between them. Terror, guilt, forgiveness, and love all collide on a path to an uncertain future. This book is intended for audiences over the age of 18.

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  • Captured Heart

    Christian Romance: Two men vie for Amanda. One wanted the beautiful, fiery Amanda for his bride... the other for wealth and pleasure. Would her innocent trust be her undoing? Which one will capture her heart? Traveling to California on a wagon train, Amanda's family die of Cholera. She had prayed that they would live. Amanda is mad at God for letting them die. Eventually, she learns God did listen to her prayers, in a very extraordinary way. Amanda faces many perils on the trail including capture by Indians and an evil adversary. Once Amanda realizes her true love she can't find the words to tell him until it's a matter of life or death, or too late.

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  • Captured Heart: A Second Chance Virgin Bride Romance

    Hard. Dangerous. Deadly.Stay out of my way.Or you're going to get burned.This life of crime is all I know. I'm in deep with no escape.But my next hit will doom me to hell.Because it's her. Sienna.The one girl I'd give it all up for.The one who long ago stole my heart.A job gone wrong leaves her on her knees.Begging me for release. I'll give her a release, all right. Afterwards, she'll be begging me for more.But I won't stop there. Oh no.We'll push and pull like first time lovers doBut our hearts...They're falling too...She's my captive. But now I'm her prisoner.Because she's captured my heart.And I'll never let her go...


  • The Captured Heart: A Regency Romance

    Cecily Danvers, poor, young and very pretty, seeks a position as a governess. Her qualifications for the post are limited—being merely a warm heart and a great deal of common-sense. Nothing can exceed her astonishment, therefore, when she is hired by a reclusive family as nursery-governess to little Lord Fanshawe at a salary three times higher than the situation merits. Even more mysterious—Bobby Fanshawe must not walk outside the grounds without a stout male servant to guard him. Yet a child with a plethora of unmarried—and attractive—uncles surely should not be in need of any other protection than theirs. Cecily finds her new home on the wild Lincolnshire coast a source of romance, mystery, danger and, eventually, a passionate love. But the man her heart clings to is surrounded by suspicion and scandal—is she right to trust him when a child’s safety is at stake?

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  • Captured Hearts

    From Book 1: Rae StantonAfter getting burnt by my ex, I've decided it's safer not to get involved with a man. As a rule, I don't date. Spending one night with the gorgeous Cole Mardsen is as far as I'm willing to go, that is, until he has me wanting to break all my rules for him.Cole MardsenI saw her as soon as she walked into the bar, looking beautiful and elegant, and I was immediately drawn to her. But Rae resists me at every turn. She's about to find out how determined I can be when I want something - and I definitely want her. And not just for one night.Rae is a stand-alone romance novella with a guaranteed HEA.

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  • Captured Hearts

    One of the winners of the 2013 IndieReader Discovery Awards! An immortal master of pleasures discovers that while he may have command over the flesh, love itself can neither be commanded nor subdued. Hedonistic immortals with virtually unstoppable powers to induce physical pleasures live among us. They are drawn to a certain subset of the population who stubbornly refuse to relinquish control of their bodies, for the longer they resist supernatural temptations, the sweeter the passions when they are overcome. For centuries these beings worshipped as deities or feared as demons have feasted on such pleasures. After over 1200 years of power and seduction, immortal Fryar Grimsson knows what to expect from his toys, as he has experienced all personalities over the centuries. During a routine acquisition of a spirited mortal woman, however, he finds himself making mistake after mistake as the extremely inhibited female doesn t respond as planned. At first the former pagan god finds her resistance to his charms amusing, but gradually his frustrations at his inability to control her nearly drive him mad. If anything, she appears to have charms of her own, for he loses command of himself around her... and he cannot seem to bring himself to be rid of her. The longer he associates w...

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