• Nesco VS-02 Food Vacuum Sealing System with Bag Starter Kit

    Save time and money with the Nesco VS-02 Food Vacuum Sealer! Prepare whole meals in advance, save leftovers, and reseal foods such as potato chips and cereal in their original package. Eliminate freezer burn, reduce spoilage and waste. Fully automatic, one-touch operation and automatic shut off makes it so easy to use. The unit has a powerful piston pump with a seal only switch to prevent over vacuuming and crushing of delicate foods. Features switch to extend sealing time for wet items or tighter sealing. This vacuum sealer can also be used to protect special papers and documents, or to keep supplies dry during camping or traveling. A roller storage compartment includes bag cutter for added convenience. Unit comes with 2 rolls of 8.66" X 9.8' bag material, 5 pieces of 8.66" X 11.8" bags and 5 pieces of 11.0" X 11.8" bags. We recommend Nesco brand Vacuum Sealing Bags model VS-03R, VS-05B, VS-06B, VS-04R, VS-07V. Bagging material is extra strong, with crossed air venting ribs on both sides of bags for maximum air extraction. 110-watts. Black and silver.

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Nesco
    • ASIN: B00IUAK39A
    • UPC: 782386077530

  • Ralix Survival Spark Magnesium Survival Fire Starter with Compass and Whistle

    "excellent fire starting capabilities " | "this thing is so cool started a fire in less than 5 minutes " | "long term use and practicality make this exactly what I needed in my emergency bag " the survival sparkle combines three pieces of essential survival gear into one compact tool. The fire starter kit includes a magnesium fire starter rod, a large striker, a high quality compass, and a 150 db. emergency whistle- all conveniently strung together on a lanyard for safe keeping. Built to last, our fire starter lights up to 15,000 times, and is an essential for outdoor activities including camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, and as part of your emergency survival supplies. Survival spark prevents you from ever being caught in the cold as it is weather resistant, cold resistant and windproof. Whether you are lighting a campfire, bonfire, bbq, or just need a quick flame, the survival spark has you covered. No need to fumble around with matches--simply shave a small amount of magnesium from the rod onto your tinder using the serrated side of the scraper. The amount needed is approximately the size of a us quarter. Next, hold the rod at an angle over the pile and forcefully slide your striker along the length of the rod until sparks land directly on the magnesium shavings and ignite th...

    • Brand: Ralix
    • ASIN: B016UWWS2O
    • UPC: 724131417390

  • Mutiple Optiions Replacement Heat Filling Chamber Tools Balloon Bag Lot For Volcano Easy Valve Starter NEW (Full Kit Accessories)

    NEW Replacement Heat Filling Chamber Balloon Bag For Volcano Easy Valve Starter Kit Package contain of Full Kit Accessoires: 5x Easy valve Balloons 1x Filling Chamber with cap 6x Mesh Screens 1x Liquid Pad 1x Cleaning BrushNote: Shipping is from China to USA by USPS, it may needs 8-15 bussness days, if it is not ok for you, please don't place order, so sorry! Attention Please: This is multiple options listing, different item options with different prices, Please take care to choose as you need ,thanks very much ! They are just replacement accessories, not the orginal volcano brand, please note, thanks.

    • Brand: YL
    • ASIN: B079N8T1VW
    • UPC: 192543986405

  • GERYON Vacuum Sealer, 4-in-1 Automatic Food Sealers with Starter Kit of Saver Roll, Bags and Hose for Food Preservation (Stainless Steel)

    Geryon Vacuum Sealer Machine with '4S' function: Food Saving, Space Saving, Time Saving and Money Saving 1. Preserve food with vacuum canister & compatible with wine stoppers 2. Cook in advance then vacuum seal and store individual portions or entire meals. 3. Be A Must Have Assistant for Sous Vide cooking. 4. Keep frozen food safe from freezer burn. 5. Maintain the freshness of dry foods, such as beans, nuts, and cereals. 6. Package foods, such as meat, fish, poultry, seafood and vegetables for refrigerated storage. 7. Prepare foods in advance for picnics, camping trips and barbecues. 8. Wrapping valuables and household items away from dust, damp Package Includes: --(1) Vacuum Sealer Appliance --(5) Pre-cut vacuum bags 7.8"*11.8" (FREE) --(1) Heat-seal roll 7.8"*78" (FREE) --(1) Vacuum Hose --(1) User Manual Key Features for the Geryon Food Vacuum Saver Machine: Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty & Support ETL Approved Stainless metal panel are easy to clean and durable Multiple Settings - special functions for different types of food Delicate Mode - choose gentle mode to avoid crushing delicate foods Sealing function can be operated separately Extra-wide sealing strip creates secure, airtight seal Main Specifications: 1. Sealing Time: 6~10s 2. Vac/Sealing Time: 10~20s 3. Va...

    • Color: Stainless Steel
    • Brand: Geryon
    • ASIN: B073SNVD13
    • UPC: 661273958926

  • Driven Disc Golf Set - 3 Disc Starter Kit + Kiwi Green Slingshot Bag - Perfect for Beginners - Includes Innova Driver, Midrange, and Putter + FREE Mini Disc and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    Are you new to the sport of disc golf, or are you looking to introduce a friend to this wonderful sport? If so, then this starter set may be just what you need. The Driven Disc Golf Starter Set is specifically designed for beginning disc golf players. With this in mind, we hand-picked a variety of classic golf discs that are dependable, and easy to throw. As an added bonus, we are throwing in a free Driven Mini Marker Disc. Please note that disc colors and weights will vary.

    • Color: 3 Disc Set (colors vary) + Kiwi Bag
    • Brand: Driven Disc Golf
    • ASIN: B01FQ6DLS0
    • UPC: 730669538124

  • Dryel At-Home Dry Cleaner Starter Kit - 4 Loads

    Only Dryel has a patented bag that harnesses the power of steam to gently and effectively clean your special care clothes. No at-home dry cleaner works better. Dryel saves up to 90% of the cost of dry cleaning, and works in the convenience of your dryer in as little as 15 minutes. So, when you have suits, dresses, or even jeans and sweaters that need to be cleaned, skip the hassle, expense, and harsh chemicals of the dry cleaner. Choose Dryel instead.

    • Brand: Dryel
    • ASIN: B01BUNJ2HW
    • UPC: 799228011447

  • Complete Kombucha Starter Brewing Kit with Organic SCOBY - Gallon Brewing Jar and Plastic Lid, Tea Bags, Temperature Gauge, Organic Sugar and More - By Kitchentoolz

    With the Kitchentoolz Complete Kombucha Brewing Kit, you can enjoy brewing your own kombucha right from your very own kitchen. The nutritional benefits are endless and it’s as fun to prepare as it is to savor. Included in your kit:- 1 Gallon Glass Kombucha Jar- 1 Kombucha SCOBY and approximately a 1/2 Cup Starter Tea Double bagged for your protection- Airtight Foam Lined Plastic Lid- 1 Cheesecloth Cotton Cover with Rubberband- Approx 1 cup Organic Cane Sugar- PH Test Strips- Adhesive Temperature Gauge- Tea for brewing- Detailed Instructions for F1 Kombucha brewing The Kitchentoolz Complete Kombucha Brewing Kit is the perfect way to save money pricey store-bought bottles. Brew your own kombucha from home and enjoy more kombucha for your dollar by far. You can brew a gallon at a time with this jar and it requires minimal ingredients and work, making it well worth the investment.Kitchentoolz has designed a kombucha kit that is built to deliver quality results.Our glass kombucha jar is food safe and ready for brewing your favorite kombucha. It comes equipped with a fresh double bagged SCOBY, a cheesecloth cotton cover with a rubber band as well as a plastic lid to securely cover and store your finished brew. This allows for the release of pressure and keeps out particles and...

    • Color: Brown Gold
    • Brand: kitchentoolz
    • ASIN: B079RP95DS
    • UPC: 739312947788

  • Sewing Kit for Kids for Beginners 3Pack Assorted Random Designs Children Lovely Handbag Sewing Pattern Bag by MeMo Toys

    Baby kids are having a long life time to go, we should create their hands ability since young by practising DIY sewing kit. Teach them to be independence, develop their living ability.They won't look for mother for help when she get clothes ripped somehow. They can take the needle and threads to revert the defected dresses to a new one.Parents will be so proud of them. Guide the kids start with this Sewing Kit, you may create a designer for future. Feature 1.MeMo Toys is a baby safe brand offer this high-end worthy patent hand bag sewing kit for kids with eco-friendly EVA material. 2.Create kids abilities on hands eyes, training their body collaboration, develop their imaginations, give them inspiration, help them to be independence. also it's a good time killer can keep kids away from TV games, no boring after school. 3.Cute hand bag can be used to store coins snacks or lightweight toys after finish. First Sewing Kit Bag Pattern will be a good memory in baby's childhood. 4.Good gift to our baby kids. Very useful sewing kit to behave their good hobbies. What you get: 3 x Hand Bag Pattern Kids Sewing Kit with instruction Zero Risk Purchase To let our customers have great shopping experience, we offer fast delivery and 30Days money back or replacement guarantee. With nothing to los...

    • Brand: MeMo Toys
    • ASIN: B0739MRVCR
    • UPC: 783057435345

  • Bluenet 226 Pcs Soft Plastic Fishing lures Tackle Kit Including Bionic Bass Trout Salmon Pike Fishing Lure Frog Lures Minnow Popper Pencil Crank Soft Hard Bait Fishing Lure Metal Spoon Jig Lure

    1pc box packing including Bluenet Stainless Steel Multi-tool Card 11 Functions in 1 Pocket Survival Tool and Free Bluenet Neoprene bag《br》 The Bluenet 226 pcs Fishing Lures is The Best Fishing Lure Set For Fishing and It Can Help you with your fishing needs! Good Luck and Have a Fun!

    • Color: topwater
    • Brand: Bluenet

  • Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist Starter Kit

    Pump, store, organize, warm, and feed using the same pouch. The Kiinde Twist feeding system completely eliminates the need to transfer precious milk from bottles to bags and back again. This starter kit gives you everything you need to get started with the Twist feeding system. The kit contains: Twist Pouches (x20), all Direct-Pump adapters (for all major pump brands), Keeper Breast milk Organizer (x1), Squeeze Natural Feeding Bottle (x2), Slow Flow Active Latch Nipple with Case (x1), Medium Flow Active Latch Nipple with Case (x1), Fast Flow Active Latch Nipple with Case (x1), and Nipple Brushes (x2).

    • Brand: Kiinde
    • ASIN: B00CXSPL24
    • UPC: 853852003053