• [UL Listed] PowerSource 40W Extra Long 14 Ft AC-Adapter-Charger for Samsung-Notebook-Series-9 900X 940X Np900 Np900X Np940 Np940X Np905S Np915S Np930X Ultrabook Ativ Book Laptop Power-Supply Cord

    Compatibility: This product has been tested to ensure it works with MANY Samsung Laptops, including Samsung Series 9, Samsung ATIV Book 9 (13.3" and 15"), and Samsung ATIV Book 9 Lite Plus Spin. Compatible Models:NP900X1A-A01USNP900X1B-A01US, NP900X1B-A02US, NP900X1B-A03USNP900X3A-A01US, NP900X3A-A02US, NP900X3A-A03US, NP900X3A-A04US, NP900X3A-A05US, NP900X3A-A06USNP900X3A-B01UB, NP900X3A-B01US, NP900X3A-B02US, NP900X3A-B03US, NP900X3A-B05US, NP900X3A-B06US, NP900X3A-B07US, NP900X3A-B0BUS, NP900X3A-B0DUS, NP900X3A-MS1USNP900X3B-A01US, NP900X3B-A02US, NP900X3B-A03USNP900X3C-A01US, NP900X3C-A02US, NP900X3C-A03US, NP900X3C-A04US, NP900X3C-A05US, NP900X3C-MS1USNP900X3D-A01US, NP900X3D-A02US, NP900X3D-A03US, NP900X3D-A04US, NP900X3D-A05USNP900X3E-A01US, NP900X3E-A02US, NP900X3E-A03US, NP900X3E-K01USNP900X3F-K01USNP900X3G-S01US, NP900X3G-S02US, NP900X3G-S03USNP900X3K-K01US, NP900X3K-K02US, NP900X3K-S01US, NP900X3K-S02USNP900X3L-K05USNP900X4B-A01US, NP900X4B-A02USNP900X4C-A01US, NP900X4C-A02US, NP900X4C-A03US, NP900X4C-A04US, NP900X4C-A05US, NP900X4C-A06US, NP900X4C-A07US, NP900X4C-A08US, NP900X4C-K01USNP900X4D-A01US, NP900X4D-A02US, NP900X4D-A03US, NP900X4D-A04US, NP900X4D-A05US, NP900X4D-A06US, NP900X4D-A07US, NP900X4D-MS1USNP900X5L-K01US, NP900X5L-K02USNP905S3GNP915S3GNP930X5JNP940X3...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: PowerSource
    • ASIN: B076JJ15SV
    • UPC: 638362722294

  • Pwr+ Samsung Notebook 9 Charger Laptop Power: [UL Listed] Extra Long 12Ft Cord AD-4019A AD-4019P Np900x 9 Series Ultrabook Galaxy View Tablet SM-T670 T677 Tab 540U 900X 940X PA-1400-24 AD-4019SL

    PWR+: Powering Millions of Laptops, Tablets and Electronic Gadgets and a go-to brand for Premium Replacement Chargers and Accessories since 2007 Related Products (copy and paste code into Amazon search) Car Charger: B00GBHO1BA Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy View 18.4 SM-T670 SM-T677 SM-T670NZKAXARSamsung Series 3 NP300U1A NP305U1A Samsung Series 5 NP530U3B NP530U3C NP535U3C NP540U3CSamsung Series 9 NP900X3E NP900X3B NP900X3C NP900X4B NP900X4D NP900X4C NP900X5N NP900X1A NP900X1B NP900X3A NP900X3D: NP900X1B-A02 NP900X1B-A02US NP900X3A-A03US NP900X3A-A05US NP900X3A-B01UB NP900X3A-B02US NP900X3A-B06US NP900X3B-A01US NP900X3C-A01US NP900X3C-A04US NP900X3C-A05US NP900X3D-A01US NP900X3D-A03US NP900X3D-A04US NP900X3E-A02US NP900X4B-A02US NP900X4C-A01US NP900X4C-A03US NP900X4C-A06US NP900X4C-A07US NP900X4C-K01US NP900X4D-A02US NP900X4D-A03US NP900X4D-A05USSamsung ATIV Book 5 NP540U4ESamsung Series 7 Slate XE700T1A XE700T1A-A06US Samsung ATIV Book 9 13.3" 15" NP900X3L NP900X5L NP900X3L-K03US NP900X3L-K04US NP900X3L-K06US NP900X5L-K02US Samsung ATIV Book 9 Lite Plus Spin NP900X3F NP900X3G NP900X3K NP905S3G NP915S3G NP930X5J NP940X3G NP940X3K NP940X3L NP940X5J:NP905S3G-K02US NP915S3G-K01US NP915S3G-K02US NP915S3G-K04US NP915S3G-K05US NP940X3G-K01US NP940X3G-K03US NP940X3G-K04US NP940X3G-...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: PWR+
    • ASIN: B009V3A7NW

  • gofanco Pro-Series DisplayPort to VGA Adapter - (Black) Male to Female for DisplayPort-Equipped Desktops and Laptops to Connect to VGA Displays

    gofanco® DisplayPort to VGA Adapter connects DisplayPort compatible desktops and laptops with a DisplayPort output to VGA equipped monitors and displays. This gofanco DisplayPort to VGA adapter can support displays of up to 1080p or 2048 x 1152 PC graphics and is ideal for meeting the need of connecting DisplayPort to VGA ports in your office, home entertainment display, conference rooms, and more. Connectors - Input: Latching 20-pin DisplayPort, Male - Output: 15-pin VGA, Female Specifications - 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x768, 1366x768, 1280x1024, 1400x1050 1440x900, 1600x900, 1600x1200, 1680x1050, 1920x1080, 1920x1200, 2048x1152 - HDTV resolution supported: 480i, 576i, 480p, 576p, 1080i and 1080p - Chipset: PTN 3392BS - Bandwidth: Pixel rate up to 240MHz at 6bit per color / 180MHz at 8bit per color - Audio: None Compatible Devices - Desktops and laptops with an available DisplayPort output Please note: - This is not a bi-directional adapter. It only converts DisplayPort signals to VGA, not the other way around What's in the Package - DisplayPort to VGA Adapter - Black Warranty & Support - Limited One-Year Warranty and Lifetime Product Support

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: gofanco
    • ASIN: B00R3I3LIK
    • UPC: 857847005091

  • Drivers Recovery & Restore for  Acer Aspire 1400 series , Fast Repair!DVD, ALL drivers for audio, video, chipset, Wi-Fi, Usb and+, Everything you need to fix your drivers problems!(Last Version) All Windows!

    Your drivers problem will be fix easily: 1)Insert the Driver DVD, 2)The Program will start Automatically, 3)Click on Select All to choose drivers to Fix, 4) Click on Install and enjoy your without drivers problem computer!!! This DVD will repair you Drivers problems! All required drivers are available on this DVD Disc, including drivers for audio, video, chipset, Wi-Fi, Usb and +. Buy with Confidence! Operating System is NOT included and the software does NOT restore the computer to its default factory settings. Shipping: In order to keep shipping cost low the item ships new in CD Sleeve. The box in picture is for illustration only. Orders are generally shipped within 24 hours of confirmed payment. Your item will be posted in a bubble bag for ultimate protection. Under the GNU GPL license.

    • Brand: Procapacitors
    • ASIN: B00GV2MLBC

  • Toshiba 128GB Q Series Pro PC Internal Solid State Drive (HDTS312XZSTA)

    Toshiba Q-Series Solid State Drives Get Into a Faster State of Mind If you simply can't work fast enough--or get enough full-throttle gaming, you need a Toshiba Q-Series Pro Solid State Drive in your Ultrabook system or laptop. They don't spin like traditional hard drives. But they do provide much faster and more reliable performance that will knock your socks off. Made for Multitasking If you could only do more, and do it quicker. Now you can--with a Toshiba Q-Series Pro Solid State Drive in your PC. You'll multitask like mad with significantly less lag than a traditional hard drive. You'll enjoy faster access to applications. And you'll also experience speedier Windows startups, web browsing, emailing, antivirus scans and more. Toshiba Q-Series Pro Solid State Drives offer best-in-class performance in Everyday Applications(3)on Windows 8 PCs. Bring Your Old PC Back to Life Toshiba Q-Series Pro Solid State Drives can revive your sluggish PC that is running on a traditional hard drive by reducing your OS boot time and speeding up your PC data transfer rate by leaps and bounds. This means you can spend more time enjoying your applications, and less time staring at the hour glass icon on your computer screen. Great for Gaming Toshiba Q-Series Pro Solid State Drives offer best-...

    • Brand: Toshiba
    • ASIN: B00FR6VL50
    • UPC: 809199903334

  • Epson Stylus Photo 1400 Printer Compatible USB 2.0 Cable Cord for PC, Notebook, Macbook - 6 feet White - Bargains Depot®

    All of our printer cables are backed by our Compatibility Guarantee. If we state that an accessory that we sell will work with a specific model and it doesn't then we will provide a full refund of your original purchase.

    • Color: White
    • Brand: Bargains Depot
    • ASIN: B00588TRDU
    • UPC: 608938717566

  • 2LC6288 - Crucial 8GB DDR3 SDRAM Memory Module

    When you buy Crucial memory, you're buying directly from the largest DRAM manufacturer in America and one of the top three in the world. Crucial Technology is a division of Micron. We have more than 20 years of industry experience and are the lowest-cost, most efficient DRAM manufacturer, and many of the world's leading computer manufacturers use our memory. Crucial brings that same high-quality memory directly to you, the end consumer.

    • Brand: Crucial
    • ASIN: B00C9S4IWM